Jan 5, 2024

Miami Jewish Film Festival Expands "Accessibility+Inclusion" Program

The Miami Jewish Film Festival, the world's largest festival of its kind, is proud to announce the expansion of its Accessibility+Inclusion program, dedicated to showcasing films that celebrate the diversity and commonality of the human experience.

Highlighting this unique program are five films premiering at the Festival in January 11-25, 2024, including the Southeast US Premiere of Avenue of the Giants. Featuring captivating performances from Stephen Lang (Avatar) and Elsie Fisher (Eighth Grade), the film presents a powerful story of personal strength and sacrifice. The special premiere event will include the attendance of actors Stephen Lang, Elsie Fisher, and Luke Blumm, along with director Finn Taylor and producer Jeanine Thomas, who will introduce the film and engage in an extended conversation afterward.

Among other notable films in the program is Sand Flakes, an Israeli coming-of-age story exploring a teenager's relationship with his mother, who grapples with a debilitating illness. Also featured is The Three of Us, winner of the Best Documentary Prize at the Jerusalem Film Festival, relating the extraordinary journey of an ultra-Orthodox couple challenging societal norms by integrating their autistic son into Israeli society.

A poignant addition to the program is the documentary Remembering Gene Wilder, offering an affectionate tribute to the comedic genius who battled Alzheimer's for years. The film's premiere will be attended by Emmy-nominated director Ron Frank and writer Glenn Kirschbaum, who will participate in a panel discussion following the screening.

Sand Flakes, Southeast US Premiere

In alignment with its commitment to inclusivity, the Miami Jewish Film Festival is expanding its closed captioning for English language films initiative, made possible with the support of the Miami Jewish Abilities Alliance of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. Thanks to this generous backing, the Festival has created closed captioning for 16 English language feature films in its virtual program, accessible for streaming throughout the state of Florida and across the US.

By providing closed captioning for each film, the Festival aims to enhance access for individuals with hearing and other disabilities. The Festival also plans to share these closed captioning files with other festivals across the US, extending access and inclusivity to diverse communities.

The 2024 Miami Jewish Film Festival is scheduled to present over 120 film premieres from 25 countries, marking it as the preeminent Jewish film festival in the world. Full details on the program and tickets to the festival can be found at: www.miamijewishfilmfestival.org

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