Feb 18, 2022

2021-2022 Annual Impact Report

This was a momentous milestone edition for the Miami Jewish Film Festival, a year in which adventurous audiences everywhere engaged with our program and platform. We are thrilled to have met and even exceeded our goal of expanding the reach and community for independent film in this challenging year. Since being launched 25 years ago, the Miami Jewish Film Festival has served to open doors for more storytellers and audiences of diverse backgrounds than any other festival of its kind in the world. We thank you for bringing this programming to life, changing culture, and changing communities. You make the Miami Jewish Film Festival possible.

In sharing with you our 2021-22 Annual Impact Report, we take a closer look at the breadth and impact of our artists and their work. In recalling another year of momentous accomplishments from the independent artists we champion, we are so grateful for those who support our Festival, and we invite you to explore the growth and movement of our organization as a whole.

Annual Impact Report, click to view the PDF Document

We are so grateful to have you as part of our film community. We hope you will consider making a contribution to help make thought-provoking Jewish content films accessible to viewers at home and in theaters. We are energized and hopeful as we look to our next chapter championing bold films and filmmakers that power and unfold the Jewish story.

The past year has affirmed the importance and power of sharing stories. Independent film continues to catalyze critical conversations that help us make sense of our changing world. As we come together – in our living rooms or under the stars alfresco, and soon, back in theatrical spaces – film is playing an essential role in keeping us connected. Story and technology both continue to break isolation, barriers, and borders.

Thank you for your support of our Miami Jewish Film Festival. We hope you will enjoy looking back at all we were able to achieve together this year and will consider making a contribution to support our upcoming 26th Edition taking place on January 12-26, 2023. Your gift will enable us to keep powering film and story whatever the future holds!

Annual Impact Report

Click here to download the full 41-page PDF of the Miami Jewish Film Festival 2021-2022 Impact Report (4MB). The Festival's Impact depends on our audiences and membership. Click here to join or renew your membership.

Annual Impact Report, click to view the PDF Document

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