Mar 20, 2020

New Partnership Opens the World of Film in Your Home

We're trying to make it easy for you to stay at home and get your heart full of art. In the last week, we created a recourse page that lists where all the past MJFF films are available to stream online, as well as launched a partnership with Menemsha Films that made their entire film catalog streamable through Amazon and iTunes. Now we are excited to announce another new partnership that will allow you to access even more seminal Jewish and Israeli films online. Through this partnership, Film Movement will offer all South Florida movie lovers a free 1-month trial to their Film Movement Plus streaming platform and the option of subscribing for an additional two months after the trial period for just $2.99 by using the promo code MJFF. To sign up for Film Movement Plus visit their website by clicking here.

Film Movement Plus offers more than 400 award-winning films from around the world on their streaming platform, including 25 films that previously premiered at the Miami Jewish Film Festival. You can find a selection of films from past MJFF editions below, but you can browse through all the hundreds of films available to stream on Film Movement Plus right now on their website or app.

A Bottle in the Gaza Sea (Directed by Thierry Binisti, MJFF 2011)
(Directed by Elie Wajeman, MJFF 2013)
An Israeli Love Story 
(Directed by Dan Wolman, MJFF 2018)
Arranged (Directed by Diane Crespo & Stefan Schaefer, MJFF 2008)
Belle and Sebastian
(Directed by Nicolas Vanier, MJFF 2015)
Bye Bye Germany 
(Directed by Sam Garbarski, MJFF 2018)
East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem (Directed by Erez Miller, MJFF 2016)
For A Woman (Directed by Diane Kurys, MJFF 2013)
For My Father (Directed by Dror Zahavi, MJFF 2010)
Foreign Letters
(Directed by Ela Thier, MJFF 2013)
God's Slave
(Directed by Joel Novoa, MJFF 2015)
(Directed by Ori Sivan, MJFF 2017)
The Human Resources Manager (Directed by Eran Riklis, MJFF 2011)
In Between (Directed by Maysaloun Hamoud, MJFF 2017)
Jaffa (Directed by Keren Yedaya, MJFF 2010)
The Jewish Cardinal
(Directed by Ilan Duran Cohen, MJFF 2014)
Off White Lies
(Directed by Maya Kenig, MJFF 2013)
(Directed by Andrei Konchalovsky,  MJFF 2017)
Protektor (Directed by Marek Najbrt, MJFF 2011)
Remembrance (Directed by Anna Justice, MJFF 2012)
Room 514 (Directed by Sharon Bar-Ziv, MJFF 2013)
Sara Stein (Directed by Matthias Tiefenbacher, MJFF 2017)
Secrets of War (Directed by Dennis Bots, MJFF 2014)
Seven Minutes in Heaven (Directed by Omri Givon, MJFF 2009)
Vasermil (Directed by Mushon Salmona, MJFF 2009)

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