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Sunday, January 14 at 3:30pm The Hub at Temple Beth Am
Thursday, January 18 at 7:30pm Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU
Streaming January 19-25, 2024 Digital Screening Room

USA | 69 minutes | 2024

Between the Stone and the Flower

World Premiere

Making its world premiere at the Festival, the made-in-Miami documentary Between the Stone and the Flower: The Duality of the Conversos chronicles the remarkable odyssey of Genie Milgrom as she embarks on a decades-long quest to uncover her Jewish lineage. Born in Havana, Cuba, and raised in Miami, Genie's education was steeped in Roman Catholicism, from grade school to university. Despite her upbringing, she carried a persistent sense of disconnection within her Spanish Catholic surroundings. Genie's story is one of twists and turns, as she confronts the challenging choice to transition from her traditional Catholic family in Spain to embracing Judaism, ultimately opting for an Orthodox path. Her decision sends shockwaves through her family and friends, while her own conviction about her family's Jewish roots in the Iberian Peninsula centuries prior only deepens.

This fascinating tale follows Genie's relentless pursuit of the ancestral "breadcrumbs" left behind by her forebearers. Her journey leads her to delve into Medieval Archives and traverse various European countries, piecing together the web of secrecy woven by her ancestors during the dark periods of European history. With the steadfast support of her husband Michael, who hails from Ashkenazi origins in Romania, Genie eventually unearths the truth about her family's heritage. The result is a captivating film that offers an unmissable glimpse into her profound exploration.

The special premiere event will feature film subject and acclaimed author Genie Milgrom in attendance to introduce the film and participate in a Q&A afterward.

Director's Bio

Directed by Roberto Otero Morfa

Director Photo
Roberto Otero Morfa has extensive expertise working in television programming, commercial spots, documentaries, and movies. With a rich production background spanning multiple countries, he possesses comprehensive knowledge in all facets of production, including filming, sound, special effects, and other meticulous details that enhance the overall quality of his work.

Cast and Credits


Roberto Otero Morfa


Genie Milgrom, Roberto Otero Morfa


Roberto Otero Morfa


Marcos Louit


Genie Milgrom

Film Info






69 minutes


English, Spanish, Portuguese with English subtitles
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