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Saturday, January 14 at 8pm Miami Beach JCC, Outdoor Field
Wednesday, January 18 at 4:00pm Miami Theater Center
Streaming January 15-25, 2023 Digital Screening Room

USA | 71 minutes | 2023

Woman in the Mirror

World Premiere

Nestled in a small New England town is a powerhouse of a ballet school. Its genesis includes the dramatic story of a prima ballerina defecting from the Soviet Union and her tenuous climb to personal and artistic freedom. Alexandra Koltun, a graduate of the prestigious Vaganova Academy and a driven ballerina, is leading a diverse group of ballet students in their difficult journey to become professional dancers. She recounts the struggles of her father and family and fearing similar limitations as a Soviet Jew, and made a dangerous leap into what she hoped would be a new and freer life. Teaching ballet, she is shaping not only her students’ bodies, but also their characters, as she tries to instill in them the same strength that served her well throughout her life.

The special under the stars premiere event will feature the attendance of director Tatyana Bronstein, who will introduce the film and participate in a Q&A afterward.

Director's Bio

Directed by Tatyana Bronstein

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Tatyana Bronstein is a Ukrainian-born independent director/producer based in Boston and has directed feature documentaries and short narratives, which have been shown at prestigious film festivals throughout the world. She is a Lecturer at Boston University for the Department of Film & Television.

Cast and Credits


Tatyana Bronstein


Tatyana Bronstein


Tatyana Bronstein


Tatyana Bronstein


Alexandra Koltun, Alex Lapshin

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71 minutes


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