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Saturday, January 21 at 8pm Miami Theater Center

Israel | 96 minutes | 2022


International Premiere

Endlessly witty, visually rapturous, and sweetly romantic, Matchmaking is a Romeo and Juliet-like saga (sans the tragedy!) of two young, eligible ultra-Orthodox singles looking for a match. Moti (Amit Rahav from the Netflix international hit Unorthodox) spots Nechama (Liana Ayoun in a breakthrough performance), his sister’s friend, and is instantly smitten, but isn’t allowed to date the charming, beautiful young woman because she doesn’t come from an Ashkenazi (European origin) family like his own, but rather comes from a Mizrahi (Middle Eastern origin) family. Over the course of time, Moti is sent on a whirlwind of dates with beautiful girls in the Orthodox community, but against everything he knows, he finds he must pursue his one true love, Nechama. A joyous tale about tolerance and love, Matchmaking is Israel's biggest box office hit of the year and is full of hijinks, jokes, and slapstick humor thanks to matchmaker Malki (Irit Kaplan from the beloved Israeli show The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem and Academy Award entry Foxtrot) and her deputy, Baruch (Maor Schwitzer from the internationally acclaimed show Shtisel), along with plenty of one-liners about spicy salads and noodle kugels, with a heavy dose of Yiddish sprinkled into the Hebrew script.

Director's Bio

Directed by Erez Tadmor

Director Photo
Erez Tadmor is one of Israel's most renowned contemporary filmmakers, winning over 40 international prizes, including at the Sundance Film Festival, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, and Jerusalem Film Festival. His films have regularly premiered at the Miami Jewish Film Festival, such as the acclaimed dramas A Matter of Size (2009), Magic Men (2014), Wounded Land (2015), and The Art of Waiting (2019).

Cast and Credits


Erez Tadmor


Hava Divon, Yaki Reisner, Erez Tadmor


Roey Roth


Einat Glaser-Zarhin


Amit Rahav, Liana Ayoun, Roy Assaf, Maor Schwitzer

Film Info






96 minutes


Hebrew and Yiddish with English subtitles
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