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Streaming January 14-26, 2022 Digital Screening Room

Israel | 81 minutes | 2021

Tel Aviv

International Premiere

Thought-provoking and utterly alluring, Tel Aviv is an intelligent, unabashedly honest look at modern love, led by marvelously natural performances from breakout stars Meital Ner and Yotam Gota. Michael and Dana are a married couple who live a decidedly imperfect love life. An unexpected crisis shakes their world apart and forces them to make a reckoning of their relationship and life choices. With tact and great care, director Marat Parkhomovsky digs into all the subjects that lay concealed below the surface of his characters, as their story becomes the story of contemporary Tel Aviv, its youth, its voices, its beauty, and its sadness.

Director's Bio

Directed by Marat Parkhomovsky

Director Photo
Marat Parkhomovsky is a theater and film director, and writer specializing in projects about preserving cultural memory. In 2011, he won the Israeli Film Art Prize from the Ministry of Culture and Sport for his New Media project, "Israeli Cinema Testimonial Database," which he has been working on since 2005. Tel Aviv is Marat's feature film debut.

Cast and Credits


Marat Parkhomovsky


Marat Parkhomovsky


Helen Yanovsky


Marat Parkhomovsky, Ori Birger


Yotam Gotal, Meital Ner, Gal Amitai

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81 minutes


Hebrew with English subtitles
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