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Streaming January 14-26, 2022 Digital Screening Room

Canada-Cuba | 94 minutes | 2020

Sin La Habana

Special Presentation

A young, impoverished Cuban couple dreams of wealth and success. A Canadian Iranian-Jewish divorcée yearns for personal freedom. These three lives converge in Sin La Habana, a film in which power, money, creativity, and destiny intertwine into a passionate love triangle, with a hint of magic, where cultures clash in a torrid dance. Leo, a talented ballet dancer, and Sara, a lawyer, yearn for a better life together by leaving Cuba; one sure way is for him to romance a hapless tourist. This plan works all too well, as the lonely Nasim quickly falls for Leo’s charm, and soon makes his dreams come true by inviting him to Montreal. A visual feast featuring stunning cinematography that captures the sultry heat and colors of Cuba in sun-drenched scenes and pulsing rhythms, Sin La Habana is a poetic and sensitive portrayal of dreams, ambition, and the search for fulfillment.

Director's Bio

Directed by Kaveh Nabatian

Director Photo
Kaveh Nabatian has won numerous awards as a director and cinematographer for his fiction and documentary films, including the Best New Filmmaker Award at Toronto's Reelworld Film Festival and Concordia's Mel Hoppenheim Award for Most Outstanding Achievement in Film Production. An accomplished musician, he has composed and recorded several soundtracks and albums, as well as performing as a member of the avant-chamber ensemble bell orchestre.

Cast and Credits


Kaveh Nabatian


Kaveh Nabatian


Juan Pablo Ramírez


Sophie Leblond


Yonah Acosta Gonzalez, Aki Yaghoubi, Evelyn Castroda O'Farrill

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94 minutes


Spanish, English, Persian with English subtitles
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