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Streaming January 14-26, 2022 Digital Screening Room

Israel | 70 minutes | 2021


Southeast US Premiere

This new film from Chen Shelach (MJFF 2019 film Inside the Mossad) is a poignant exploration of the once flourishing hub of Jewish life and culture that was Muranow, the popular Warsaw neighborhood transformed into the “Warsaw Ghetto” during the war and the last place Jews resided before being deported to the Treblinka death camp. Rebuilt over the rubble of its destruction after the war, this graveyard of Jewish bodies and relics was mixed into the cement cinderblocks that paved the way for the green and spacious Muranow neighborhood thousands of Poles call home today. However, according to some of Muranow’s current inhabitants, the dust has yet to settle. Poland’s dark past looms in the corners of rooms and hallways, haunting the apartments formerly belonging to Jewish families — most of whom entirely perished during the Holocaust. Many of Muranow’s residents believe that Jewish apparitions reside in their neighborhood, wandering the streets where they once lived. Other residents believe that these spirits serve as metaphors for the Jewish men, women, and children buried beneath the ground.

Director's Bio

Directed by Chen Shelach

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Chen Shelach is an Israeli writer, editor, and director. He is the creator of the series Inside the Mossad. which premiered at the 2019 Miami Jewish Film Festival, and was acquired by Netflix for US streaming release. Muranow is Chen's fourth feature film.

Cast and Credits


Chen Shelach


Chen Shelach


Micha Livne


Chen Shelach


Patrycja Dolowy, Maciej Mahler, Matan Sheffi

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70 minutes


Hebrew, English, Polish with English subtitles
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