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Thursday, January 13 at 7:30pm The North Beach Bandshell
Saturday, January 22 at 8:00pm Michael-Ann Russell JCC, Outdoor Plaza

USA | 102 minutes | 2022


World Premiere

A heart-warming movie based on a true story, iMordecai stars Academy Award-nominated and two-time Emmy-winning actor Judd Hirsch (star of the Emmy-winning sitcom Taxi, Ordinary People, Independence Day) as Mordecai Samels and Academy Award-nominated actress Carol Kane (Hester Street) as his wife, Fela, both survivors from Poland, who are now living in Miami. Their son, Marvin (Academy Award-nominated actor Sean Astin, The Lord of the Rings), is an ambitious cigar maker trying to support his own family while still being there for his aging parents. But when Mordecai's ancient flip phone breaks, he starts to take lessons from Nina (newcomer Azia Dinea Hale), a yong employee of Ultratech. She tutors Mordecai on his new iPhone, opening him up to all kinds of novel experiences and adventures, which makes him feel like a kid again. An uplifting comedy and a love letter to the city of Miami, iMordecai urges us all to live the one life we have to the fullest.

Director Marvin Samel, actor Judd Hirsch, and actress Azia Dinea Hale will be in attendance to introduce the film and participate in an extended conversation afterward.

Director's Bio

Directed by Marvin Samel

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Marvin Samel was born in Brooklyn, NY to Mordecai and Fela Samel. In 1995, fueled by his passion for premium cigars, Marvin founded Drew Estate as a kiosk in the World Trade Center Mall, which grew to become one of the world's largest premium cigar companies. He currently resides in Boca Raton, FL with his wife and his twin daughters. iMordecai is Marvin's feature film debut.

Cast and Credits


Marvin Samel


Rudy Gaines, Marvin Samel


Will Turner


Rick Grayson


Judd Hirsch, Sean Astin, Carol Kane, Stephanie J. Block, Azia Dinea Hale

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102 minutes


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