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Streaming January 14-26, 2022 Digital Screening Room

Israel | 54 minutes | 2021


Special Presentation

Grossman is a graceful look at one of Israel's most acclaimed authors as he shares his private and intimate insights on camera for the very first time. Born in Jerusalem to a modest family, David Grossman discusses how he discovered a deep connection to the Jewish past through reading Sholem Aleichem. When he became interested in the Holocaust, it felt real to him because of his connection to Aleichem’s characters. He speaks about his consciousness of death at an early age and how it shattered him, but also pushed him to write. The film makes it clear how the tug-of-war between solitary writing and the demands of a family mirrors his struggle to embrace life while remaining aware of the reality of death. The film follows Grossman up close and takes the viewers on a personal journey into the soul and work of one of Israel's most acclaimed writers working today.

Director's Bio

Directed by Adi Arbel

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Adi Arbel is the head of development of the drama department at Endomol-Shein-Israel. She is also a senior artistic director and content editor of documentary projects. Grossman is Adi's fourth documentary feature film.

Cast and Credits


Adi Arbel


Adi Arbel


Ofer Inov


Maya Klar, Ron Goldman


David Grossman

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54 minutes


Hebrew with English subtitles
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