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Streaming January 14-26, 2022 Digital Screening Room

Israel | 88 minutes | 2021

All Eyes Off Me

US Premiere

Winner of the Best Israeli Film and Best Actress awards at the Jerusalem Film Festival, Hadas Ben Aroya’s All Eyes Off Me is an unpredictable, unnerving, and quietly exhilarating cinematic experience, channeling HBO’s Euphoria through the sensitive gaze of Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise trilogy. Divided into three parts, it presents a fascinating portrait of teenagers living in Tel Aviv, of urban relationships and loneliness that electrifies with its raw, razor-sharp honesty. Through these interconnected chapters created using steady long takes and extreme close-ups, the film deftly builds an atmosphere of intimacy, naturalism, and vulnerability, telling the story of Israeli youth testing the limits of their freedom but unable to judge how deeply they will be affected by the consequences of their actions.


Best Israeli Film at the Jerusalem Film Festival

Director's Bio

Directed by Hadas Ben Aroya

Director Photo
Hadas Ben Aroya was born in Israel and graduated from the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University. Her debut feature film, People That Are Not Me (2016) won three international prizes. All Eyes Off Me is her second feature film.

Cast and Credits


Hadas Ben Aroya


Hadas Ben Aroya


Meidan Arama


Or Lee-Tal


Elisheva Weil, Yoav Hayt, Hadar Katz, Leib Levin

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88 minutes


Hebrew with English subtitles
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