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Florida Premiere


Directed by Olivia Peace

USA | 78 minutes | 2020

Carrie Lowenstein (Madeline Grey DeFreece) and Hannah Rosen (Rachel Sennott) have been best friends since childhood. When their former Hebrew school classmate unexpectedly commits suicide, the girls attend the funeral together, as well as the “teen talk-back” session designed to help them process their grief through their Jewish faith. Even with their teacher’s guidance, with so many memories to reconcile and dramas to unpack, the teens spend the afternoon just as confused, misguided, and stuck in their own heads as ever. A day in the life of high school students, Tahara is both a poignant, funny, and utterly of-the-moment film and an extraordinary breakthrough in Jewish representation in cinema.

Accompanying the film premiere is a discussion with director Olivia Peace, screenwriter Jess Zeidman, and moderator Eli Rosenberg. To view the conversation please click here.

Director Olivia Peace
Countries of Production USA
Year of Presentation 2020
Premiere Status Florida Premiere
Runtime 78 minutes
Principal Cast Rachel Sennott, Madeline Grey DeFreece, Daniel Taveras
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