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Second Time Around

Directed by Rubens Rewald

Brazil-Germany | 107 minutes | 2020

Portuguese with English subtitles

This touching, heartfelt, and adventurous film tells the story of Carl and Ana, estranged siblings from Brazil, who following a family tragedy, decide to look for answers about their past. After their father who was of German-Jewish descent dies, they decide to travel to Germany to learn the true story of their family’s tragic Jewish history. What they discover on this unforgettable journey is not only their family background, they also end up discovering each other and how important they are to each other as a family.

Director Photo
Rubens Rewald is a Brazilian writer and director, known for Corpo (2007) and Super Nada (2012). Second Time Around is Ruben’s third feature film.
Foreign Title Segundo Tiempo
Director Rubens Rewald
Countries of Production Brazil-Germany
Year of Presentation 2020
Language(s) Portuguese with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 107 minutes
Principal Cast Michael Hanemann, Kauê Telloli, Priscila Steinman
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