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Southeast US Premiere

Waiting for Anya

Directed by Ben Cookson

UK-Belgium | 105 minutes | 2019

Set during the harrows of World War II, Waiting for Anya tells the story of a young shepherd (Noah Schnapp) who, together with his grandfather (Jean Reno) and a widow (Anjelica Huston), help smuggle Jewish children across Nazi-occupied France into Spain. When German soldiers move into town, things become even more dangerous for those involved. They stage one last daring effort to get all of the Jewish children across the border to safety, but if they are caught, it's not only the end for the children, but also for their family. Based on the seminal British novel of the same name by War Horse author Michael Morpurgo, Waiting for Anya features an all-star cast including Academy Award-winner Anjelica Huston, as well as Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp (also in the Festival with Abe), Jean Reno, Elsa Zylberstein, Sadie Frost, and Thomas Kretschmann.

Director Photo
Ben Cookson graduated with a First Class Honours degree from Bournemouth University winning the Alan Plater award for scriptwriting. His feature film debut, Almost Married, has received worldwide distribution and was nominated for the National Film Award.
Director Ben Cookson
Countries of Production UK-Belgium
Year of Presentation 2019
Premiere Status Southeast US Premiere
Runtime 105 minutes
Principal Cast Anjelica Huston, Jean Reno, Noah Schnapp, Elsa Zylberstein
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