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South Florida Premiere

Van Goghs

Directed by Sergey Livnev

Russia | 102 minutes | 2019

Russian and Hebrew with English subtitles

Winner of four Russian Academy Awards (Nika Awards), Van Goghs is a powerhouse drama featuring two of the most acclaimed actors from Poland and Russia. Mark (Aleksey Serebryakov, Academy Award-nominated Leviathan) is a lonely and struggling artist who is unable to form any kind of attachment with anyone, especially not his father Victor (Daniel Olbrychski, Academy Award-winner The Tin Drum), a renowned symphony conductor. They both loathe and adore each other at the same time, flaring up with renewed vigor when Mark leaves his home in Israel and goes to visit his father after a long time apart. Together again, they are both forced to come to terms with their past, their choices in life and their love for each other, as Victor slowly withers away when dementia takes hold of him.

Director Sergey Livnev
Countries of Production Russia
Year of Presentation 2019
Language(s) Russian and Hebrew with English subtitles
Premiere Status South Florida Premiere
Runtime 102 minutes
Principal Cast Aleksey Serebryakov, Daniel Olbrychski, Elena Koreneva

Winner of four Russian Academy Awards (Nika Awards)

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