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Southeast US Premiere

Rabbi Goes West

Directed by Amy Geller & Gerald Peary

USA | 78 minutes | 2019

In this thought-provoking film, a Hasidic rabbi relocates from New York to Montana with the hope of spreading Orthodox Judaism throughout “Big Sky Country.” As his prominence grows in the state, he is embraced by some and opposed by others, facing neo-Nazi threats and resistance from members of the established Jewish community in Montana that don't quite know how to respond to his charisma and brand of religion. The delicate balance between traditional values and the libertarian ethos of the American West is explored through one man’s relationship with his faith and the Jewish community that has lived in Montana for over 100 years.

Following the film, Rabbi Eliezer Wolf (Chabad-ordained) of Beit David Highland Lakes Shul and Rabbi Efrat Zarren-Zohar (Reform-ordained) of CAJE will engage in a panel discussion about the Chabad movement and its goals.

Director Amy Geller & Gerald Peary
Countries of Production USA
Year of Presentation 2019
Premiere Status Southeast US Premiere
Runtime 78 minutes
Principal Cast Rabbi Chaim Bruk, Rabbi Francine Roston, Rabbi Allen Secher
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