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2:00 PM - SUN 1/19 THE BETSY Rush Line

80th Anniversary Presentation

Her Second Mother

Directed by Joseph Seiden

USA | 89 minutes | 1940

Yiddish with English subtitles

In this quintessential Second Avenue-style production, newly restored and celebrating its 80th anniversary, a young woman tries to repay her adoptive parents' kindness by protecting their biological child, who has gotten involved with an embezzler. Eventually, there’s a happy ending and some big laughs courtesy of the feuding, catchphrase-loving Kupperman clan who sing tunes by “Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn” composer Sholom Seconda. This one’s got it all: Filial sacrifice! Suffering parents! Wild coincidences! Amnesia! Comic relief! A District Attorney who sings in Yiddish! Nu, that’s not enough for you?

Director Joseph Seiden
Countries of Production USA
Year of Presentation 1940
Language(s) Yiddish with English subtitles
Premiere Status 80th Anniversary Presentation
Runtime 89 minutes
Principal Cast Esta Salzman, Max Badin, Rose Greenfield, Margaret Schoenfeld

The Betsy South Beach

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