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Southeast US Premiere


Directed by Tal Granit & Sharon Maymon

Israel | 93 minutes | 2019

Hebrew with English subtitles

Nominated for 12 Israeli Ophir Awards, Flawless centers on three Israeli 17-year-old girls as they navigate the murky waters of high school using razor-sharp wit to shield their vulnerabilities. Envious of their picture-perfect, popular classmates, the trio makes a secret pact to raise the funds for cosmetic surgery and prom dresses. They embark on an impulsive adventure that ultimately becomes a journey of self-discovery, shaping these self-conscious high-schoolers into adults. Directing team Sharon Maymon and Tal Granit (The Farewell Party) bring their signature blend of humor and humanity to this contemporary, cautionary tale. Transgender model Strashko delivers a star-making performance as Eden, the girl with the most to hide — but also the most to gain — in her search for validation. An inspiring story of sisterhood that soothes the sting of adolescence, Flawless is also an uplifting coming of age movie with universal life lessons for everyone.

Foreign Title HaNeshef
Director Tal Granit & Sharon Maymon
Countries of Production Israel
Year of Presentation 2019
Language(s) Hebrew with English subtitles
Premiere Status Southeast US Premiere
Runtime 93 minutes
Principal Cast Stav Strashko, Assi Levy, Netsanet Mekonen, Noam Lugasy

Winner of 3 Prizes at the Israeli Ophir Awards

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