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Southeast US Premiere

Breaking Bread

Directed by Beth Elise Hawk

USA-Israel | 86 minutes | 2020

English and Hebrew with English subtitles

In Breaking Bread, exotic cuisine and a side of politics are on the menu. Dr. Nof Atamna-Ismaeel, the first Muslim Arab to win Israel’s MasterChef television competition, is on a quest to make social change through food. In an effort to affect change, she founded the A-sham Arabic Food Festival in Haifa, Israel, where pairs of Arab and Jewish chefs collaborate on local dishes. A film about hope, synergy, and mouthwatering fare, Breaking Bread illustrates what happens when people focus on the person, rather than her religion; on the public, rather than the politicians.

Director Beth Elise Hawk will be in attendance to introduce the film and participate in an extended conversation with the audience afterward.

Director Beth Elise Hawk
Countries of Production USA-Israel
Year of Presentation 2020
Language(s) English and Hebrew with English subtitles
Premiere Status Southeast US Premiere
Runtime 86 minutes
Principal Cast Dr. Nof Atamna-Ismaeel

Efrat Zarren-Zohar & Avi Rosenberg, and Lily S. & David Serviansky

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