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Southeast US Premiere


Directed by Adrian Panek

Poland-Netherlands-Germany | 88 minutes | 2018

Polish with English subtitles

In the World War II-set drama Werewolf, eight children from Gross-Rosen concentration camp find a hiding place in a nearby abandoned orphanage, deep within the forest. After escaping the horrors of war, these children strive to return to a normal life, but unexpectedly, their idyllic, peaceful quietness is interrupted. Encroaching from all sides within the forest are a pack of wolfhounds. Released by SS officers before the liberation of Gross-Rosen, these bloodthirsty animals — taught to brutalize and kill prisoners with extreme precision — surround the orphanage. Through stark images, strikingly shot landscapes, and stunning performances, this astounding film forces us to confront the inevitability of horror, the gruesomeness of the survival instinct, and the battle to reclaim one’s humanity.

Director Photo
Adrian Panek is a director and screenwriter based in Poland. Werewolf is Adrian’s second feature film and won the Best Director Award at the Polish Film Festival.
Foreign Title Wilkolak
Director Adrian Panek
Countries of Production Poland-Netherlands-Germany
Year of Presentation 2018
Language(s) Polish with English subtitles
Premiere Status Southeast US Premiere
Runtime 88 minutes
Principal Cast Kamil Polnisiak, Nicolas Przygoda, Sonia Mietielica, Danuta Stenka
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