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North American Premiere

Tout, Tout De Suite

Directed by Richard Berry

France, Belgium | 120 minutes | 2017

French with English subtitles

This gripping and wrenching thriller tells the true story of Ilan Halimi who was kidnapped for ransom in a Paris suburb. His captors, who dub themselves The Gang of Barbarians, operate under the assumption that his Jewish heritage means he is worth a lot of money. Taking the audience through the harrowing experience of the Halimi family and sharing a searing insight into Ilan's vicious ordeal, the story tracks the massive but futile investigation doomed by near-misses and tragedy that triggered a national outcry. For 24 days the police, insistent upon handling the case as a normal for-ransom kidnapping, failed to recognize the anti-Semitic overtones of the abduction. Faithfully reenacting events from the view of the various characters, Tout, tout de suite raises troubling questions about the state of anti-Semitism and race relations in contemporary France. The film boasts a top-notch cast including Idit Cebula (Three Colors: Blue), Marc Ruchmann (The Tourist), and Sylvie Testud (Fear and Trembling).

Director Richard Berry
Countries of Production France, Belgium
Year of Presentation 2017
Language(s) French with English subtitles
Premiere Status North American Premiere
Runtime 120 minutes
Principal Cast Idit Cebula, Marc Ruchmann, Morgane Nairaud, Richard Berry, Eduard Giard, Steve Achiepo
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