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Florida Premiere

A Grain of Truth

Directed by Borys Lankosz

Poland | 110 minutes | 2016

Polish with English subtitles

Based on a bestselling novel, A Grain of Truth is a masterfully constructed whodunit that pits the forces of enlightenment against monstrous primeval superstitions. A maverick prosecutor finds himself dragged into the investigation of a string of ritual killings rooted in Poland's anti-Semitic past in this suspenseful detective thriller. Once the star in the Warsaw headquarters, Teodor Szacki (Polish Academy Award-winning actor Robert Wickiewicz) ends his career and marriage to start a new life in a sleepy southeast Polish town. Seen as an outsider by the close-knit community, Szacki faces suspicion when called in to get to the bottom of the brutal murder of a well-known social activist, whose body is discovered outside a former synagogue. The trail of victims grows and the killer remains elusive as clues begin pointing to a mysterious connection with historical myths of the blood libel. Aided by a veteran police detective, a reluctant female prosecutor, and a local rabbi, Teodor must unravel the painful tangle of Polish-Jewish relations and solve the case while facing a rising tide of public and media hysteria.

Foreign Title Ziarno Prawdy
Director Borys Lankosz
Countries of Production Poland
Year of Presentation 2016
Language(s) Polish with English subtitles
Premiere Status Florida Premiere
Runtime 110 minutes
Principal Cast Robert Wieckiewicz, Jerzy Trela, Magdalena Walach, Aleksandra Hamkalo
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