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Florida Premiere

Rock in the Red Zone

Directed by Laura Bialis

Israel | 95 minutes | 2015

English and Hebrew with English subtitles

Filmmaker Laura Bialis stumbles into a world she never imagined as she presents a tale of music and romance on the frontlines of a never-ending war. Israel’s epicenter of mainstream rock music is a small town called Sderot located a mile from the Gaza Strip, which is also known as the number one target of rocket attacks from Hamas. Told through the eyes of many of Israel’s most popular musicians, Laura’s powerful and eye-opening documentary explores daily life in a place where music has become the primary way to cope with the long-term trauma of constant bombings. In underground bomb shelters, these brilliant artists create unique rhythms that have transformed Israeli music, injecting Middle Eastern influences into traditional Western beats.

Foreign Title Rock Be-Tzeva Adom
Director Laura Bialis
Countries of Production Israel
Year of Presentation 2015
Language(s) English and Hebrew with English subtitles
Premiere Status Florida Premiere
Runtime 95 minutes
Principal Cast Laura Bialis, Avi Vaknin, Robby Elmaliah, Hagit Yaso
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