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East Coast Premiere

Laugh Lines

Directed by Pini Eden

Israel | 94 minutes | 2015

Hebrew with English subtitles

After her husband dies, an elderly woman becomes surrounded by loneliness and senses her life may also be over, until fate intercedes and gives her a second chance through her caring, young granddaughter. Featuring revelatory performances by a cast that draws on a lifetime’s worth of experience, Laugh Lines is a profoundly humane, movingly acted, and extremely harrowing film that explores the pure depiction of undying love, in all its many forms.

Foreign Title Kimtey Tzchok
Director Pini Eden
Countries of Production Israel
Year of Presentation 2015
Language(s) Hebrew with English subtitles
Premiere Status East Coast Premiere
Runtime 94 minutes
Principal Cast Lea Koenig, Yosef Carmon, Danielle Eden, Shlomi Tapiaro
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