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Florida Premiere


Directed by Shirel Amitay

Israel-France | 91 minutes | 2014

Hebrew and French with English subtitles

In the fall of 1995, three 30-something French sisters, Darel, Cali, and Asia, gather in Atlit, a small Israeli town on the Mediterranean coast, to clear out their departed parents’ beloved country house so it can be sold. With Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin closing in on a negotiated peace accord with the Palestinians, the sisters find themselves in an Israel torn between optimism and fatalism. Meanwhile, their reunion becomes an occasion for all their shared memories of this place to come flooding back, and the siblings realize that they too are torn about what to do with their childhood home. Complicating matters considerably, apparitions begin making impromptu appearances, including the friendly ghosts of the sisters’ parents, Mona and Zack, kvetching away in broad daylight. Géraldine Nakache (All That Glitters), Judith Chemla (Camille Rewinds), and Yaël Abecassis (Kadosh) make a memorable trio in this bright and whimsical family drama set against a shocking turning point in Israeli history.

Foreign Title Rendezvous à Atlit
Director Shirel Amitay
Countries of Production Israel-France
Year of Presentation 2014
Language(s) Hebrew and French with English subtitles
Premiere Status Florida Premiere
Runtime 91 minutes
Principal Cast Géraldine Nakache, Judith Chemla, Yaël Abecassis
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