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30 Years of Ma'aleh Film School

A special showcase celebrating 30 years of growth and success at one of Israel’s preeminent film schools, the Ma’aleh School of Film & Television. With unparalleled access, this spotlight presents a selection of five short films from a variety of genres that reveal an independent perspective on art, culture, and the world. Each of the films features a brilliant array of stories and viewpoints from Ma’aleh’s most recognized talent, and serves as a proving ground for its young filmmakers to find their unique voice and make their mark.

Florida Premiere | Directed by Inbar Namdar
Israel | 32 minutes | 2005
Hebrew with English subtitles

Three sisters gather at their widowed mother’s house for the Jewish Sabbath as family dynamics are tested, relationships are threatened, and old wounds reopened.

Florida Premiere | Directed by Tehila Wiesenberg-Kaiser
Israel | 14 minutes | 2007
Hebrew with English subtitles

When an orthodox couple struggle with financial hardship, their capacity for simcha is put to the test. As they pray for a miracle, they soon realize that miracles come in unexpected guises.

North American Premiere | Directed by Eliran Malka
Israel | 18 minutes | 2010
Hebrew with English subtitles

In the last 24 hours before his deceased parents’ house is razed to the ground, forgotten feelings rise up and old memories come rushing back from a time long gone.

North American Premiere | Directed by Bracha Yaniger
Israel | 18 minutes | 2013
Hebrew with English subtitles

In this beautiful, metaphoric film, a young artistic couple discovers they have the power to create water and strive to share this gift with all of the desert’s inhabitants.

North American Premiere | Directed by David Tauber
Israel | 23 minutes | 2013

Hebrew with English subtitles

A profound story exploring a young Yeshiva student’s spiritual crisis and search for redemption.

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