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Florida Premiere

The Decent One

Directed by Vanessa Lapa

Austria-Germany-Israel | 94 minutes | 2014

German with English subtitles

An article in the German magazine Der Spiegel described SS chief Heinrich Himmler as “one of the most brutal mass murderers in world history,” concluding that without him, “the Holocaust would not have occurred.” Through stunning revelations from his private recollections, documents, letters, journals, and photographs, the film traces Himmler’s life from his dog days as a nationalistic outsider to loyal Hitler supporter to the man who developed the strategies that led to the murder of millions of Jews, homosexuals, Communists, and Romany people. What disturbingly shines through is how a “decent” man like Himmler could preside over the destruction of untold lives.

Director Photo
Vanessa Lapa is a granddaughter of Holocaust survivors. She has lived in Israel since 1995 and, as a journalist, has made over 100 reports for Israeli TV. Her debut feature film, The Decent One, recently won the Best Documentary Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival.
Foreign Title Der Anständige
Director Vanessa Lapa
Countries of Production Austria-Germany-Israel
Year of Presentation 2014
Language(s) German with English subtitles
Premiere Status Florida Premiere
Runtime 94 minutes
Principal Cast Tobias Moretti, Sophie Rois, Pauline Knof, Lotte Ledl

Winner Best Documentary Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival

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