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Short Film Showcase

An incredible mix of drama, comedy, animation, and documentary complete a unique collection of short films that reveal an independent perspective on our culture and world. Featuring a brilliant array of new stories, viewpoints, and filmmaking talent, these films serve as a proving ground for young filmmakers to make their mark and for established filmmakers to take risks in story and style.

North American Premiere | Directed by Udo Prinsen
Netherlands | 7 minutes | 2012

Inspired by drawings of Auschwitz prisoners, Audition depicts a young trumpet player trying out for the camp’s orchestra to improve his chances for survival. A firing squad decides whether he is admitted, while his father listens from a distance.

Florida Premiere | Directed by Ann Marie Fleming
Canada | 15 minutes | 2012

This beautiful and inventive animated adaptation of Bernice Eisenstein’s acclaimed illustrated memoir is a poignant and wry exploration of grief and resilience through the enduring quality of family bonds.

North American Premiere | Directed by Yael Dekel & Liran Kapel
Israel | 10 minutes | 2012
Hebrew with English subtitles

Nyosha is a 10-year-old Jewish girl who lives with her mother in Poland during World War II. She is an optimistic child, who has an innocent dream to purchase a pair of shiny black shoes. Through a range of incredible animation techniques, this short film beautifully conveys the true story of Holocaust survivor Nomi Kapel.

North American Premiere | Directed by Avi Belkin
Israel | 6 minutes | 2013
Hebrew with English subtitles

This delightful short looks into the popular game of paddle-ball that has swept across the beaches of Israel.

North American Premiere | Directed by John Oettinger
Denmark | 7 minutes | 2012

The harsh realities of the Holocaust are starkly dramatized through animation, puppets, and real actors’ eyes in this tense tale of an 8-year old Jewish boy living amidst the perils of the Warsaw Ghetto.

North American Premiere | Directed by Masha Vasyukova
US | 14 minutes | 2012

An adventurous meditation on past and present, on two former Konigsbergs—a man and a city that no longer use the same name: one Russian city which was renamed Kaliningrad, another a renowned film director who changed his name to Woody Allen.

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