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The First Fagin

Directed by Helen Gaynor & Alan Rosenthal

Australia | 87 minutes | 2012

When Charles Dickens created the character of Fagin in Oliver Twist, he gave birth to one of the most infamous personas in English literature. Few people know that Dickens' portrait of Fagin was possibly based on the Jewish receiver and fencer of stolen goods, Ikey Solomon. Much as been written about Ikey's exploits, his amazing and daring prison escapes capturing people's imaginations through the generations. The First Fagin recreates the fantastical life of Ikey Solomon, the most famous criminal of his age. From London's dens of vice to Newgate jail to Australia's prison shores, Ikey takes us on a journey into crime, punishment, adventure and love whilst struggling against the transportation system of 19th century England.
Director Helen Gaynor & Alan Rosenthal
Countries of Production Australia
Year of Presentation 2012
Premiere Status
Runtime 87 minutes
Principal Cast Alison Alexander, Brian Andrews, John Andrews
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