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Room 514

Directed by Sharon Bar-Ziv

Israel | 91 minutes | 2012

Hebrew and Russian with English subtitles

Anna, an investigator in the Israeli military, is ordered to interrogate a senior officer who is alleged to have abused an Arab family. Her questioning is greeted with sarcasm by the accused commander, while her colleagues, including her lover, advise her to stop the case — it is too political, too complex and too notorious. Instead, she fastens her teeth into it, eschewing the approval of her male superiors in favor of morality and justice for the victims. Unfortunately, her idealism against the perceived abuse of power might have far-reaching consequences for everyone involved.
Foreign Title Heder 514
Director Sharon Bar-Ziv
Countries of Production Israel
Year of Presentation 2012
Language(s) Hebrew and Russian with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 91 minutes
Principal Cast Asia Naifeld, Ohad Hall, Guy Kapulnik

Winner of Best New Film at the Tribeca Film Festival

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