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Divorce Invitation

Directed by S.V. Krishna Reddy

USA | 110 minutes | 2012

Mike (Jonathan Bennett) is happily married to Dylan (Jamie-Lynn Sigler), or so it seems when he runs into his high school sweetheart Alex (Nadia Bjorlin) — the girl that got away. Their chance meeting rekindles the old feelings he had all those years ago and now Mike's convinced that Alex is his soul mate. There is only one problem: when he married Dylan, Mike signed an iron-clad pre-nup which states that in order to get out of his marriage, he must throw a Divorce Party and invite all of the guests who came to their wedding. How far will Mike go in his quest for true love?
Director S.V. Krishna Reddy
Countries of Production USA
Year of Presentation 2012
Premiere Status
Runtime 110 minutes
Principal Cast Amanda Leighton, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Elliott Gould, Lainie Kazan
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