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Arnošt Lustig: Nine Lives

Directed by Ivo Pavelek & Kristina Pavelkova

Czech Republic | 63 minutes | 2012

Czech with English subtitles

This insightful documentary presents Arnošt Lustig’s reflection on his life. With humor and a detached view, Lustig guides us through the hard period of the 1930s and the 1940s up to the present. His reflection is aided by his sister Hana Hnátová, author Zdeněk Mahler, his friend from Auschwitz Jiří Justic, and his friend from Theresienstadt Marta Kottová. The 1960s are depicted by author Karel Hvížďala and actress Květa Fialová. Still, in full strength, Arnošt Lustig shares his experience and opinion in a focused, original and unique way.
Director Ivo Pavelek & Kristina Pavelkova
Countries of Production Czech Republic
Year of Presentation 2012
Language(s) Czech with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 63 minutes
Principal Cast Arnost Lustig, Hana Hnátová, Zdeněk Mahler, Jiří Justic
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