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400 Miles to Freedom

Directed by Avishai & Shari Mekonen

USA-Israel | 61 minutes | 2012

In 1984, the Beta Israel, a secluded 2,500-year-old community of observant Jews in the northern Ethiopian mountains, fled a dictatorship and began a secret and dangerous journey of escape. Co-director Avishai Mekonen, then 10 years old, was among them. In this film, he breaks his 20-year silence about the brutal kidnapping he endured as a child in Sudan during his community's exodus out of Africa. This life-defining event launches an inquiry into identity, leading him to African, Asian and Latino Jews in Israel and the U.S.
Director Avishai & Shari Mekonen
Countries of Production USA-Israel
Year of Presentation 2012
Premiere Status
Runtime 61 minutes
Principal Cast Avishai Mekonen
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