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The Boys of Terezin

Directed by Shahab John Sharify

USA-Canada-Israel-Czech Republic | 52 minutes | 2011

Sixty-five years later, five Holocaust survivors tell their amazing story, about the secret journal VEDEM created by a group of teenage boys right beneath the noses of their Nazi captors in a concentration camp. Seattle's Music of Remembrance and the Northwest Boychoir have united to give new voice, through music, to those boys' inspiring lives and words. But first the boys in the choir must come to know “The Boys of Terezin,” and learn the price of those boys' courageous resistance to their oppressors. Poignant, warm-hearted and profound, the film chronicles a unique legacy's passage to a new generation, through the power of music.
Director Shahab John Sharify
Countries of Production USA-Canada-Israel-Czech Republic
Year of Presentation 2011
Premiere Status
Runtime 52 minutes
Principal Cast Shahab John Sharify
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