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Dorfman in Love

Directed by Brad Leong

USA | 92 minutes | 2011

What happens when you take a shy San Fernando Valley girl who lives with her father and throw her into a mix of glitzy models, glamour, and romance? Dorfman is a hilarious and touching new comedy set in Downtown LA that pays homage to one of the world’s most vibrant cities. Deb Dorfman dotes on her widowed father, works for her brother and is hopelessly in love his best friend. But when she cat-sits in his city apartment, her life is flung into a whirlwind of excitement and drama. When it comes to finding true love in this new world, will Deb make the right choice? Featuring superb performances from Sara Rue (The Big Bang Theory) and Elliot Gould (M*A*S*H, Ocean’s Eleven) and a host of quirky characters, Deb’s dazzling metamorphosis from awkward wallflower to social butterfly is as charming as it is moving. One of the warmest, most thoughtful romantic comedies of the festival.
Director Brad Leong
Countries of Production USA
Year of Presentation 2011
Premiere Status
Runtime 92 minutes
Principal Cast Todd Grinnell, Sara Rue, Elliott Gould

Winner Best Film at the Hollywood Film Awards

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