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Dolphin Boy

Directed by Dani Menkin & Yonatan Nir

Israel | 72 minutes | 2011

Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles

Suffering from severe post-traumatic shock after a brutal beating at the hands of his classmates in an Arab village in the north of Israel, 17-year-old Morad has disconnected himself from the world around him. When Morad’s psychiatrist suggests dolphin-assisted therapy, available only in Eilat at Israel’s southern end, Morad’s father leaves his job and family to travel with his son to Dolphin Reef on the Red Sea, vowing not to return until Morad is well again. And so begins the remarkable four-year journey of one young man, flanked not just by a loving father, dedicated doctors, therapists, and friends, but by a pod of dolphins who, day in and day out, help him to heal.
Director Dani Menkin & Yonatan Nir
Countries of Production Israel
Year of Presentation 2011
Language(s) Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 72 minutes
Principal Cast

Winner of the Special Prize at the Jerusalem Film Festival

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