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Five Hours from Paris

Directed by Leonid Prudovsky

Israel | 87 minutes | 2009

Hebrew and Russian with English subtitles

This subtle romantic drama captures the nuances of budding love, with all its excitement, uncertainty, and promise. Mild-mannered taxi driver Yigal is stuck in a rut: living in an ordinary Tel Aviv suburb, with a mundane job and depressed by his failed marriage, he can’t even fulfil his dream of visiting Paris due to his fear of flying. When he meets Lina, his son’s beautiful music teacher, Yigal’s zest for life is re-awakened. Even though Lina is married to a doctor and about to fly off to Canada to join him, her calm and intelligent face hides an emotional turmoil of her own. Drawn together by the same longing for a different life, the pair help each other to confront their doubts and fears head on. With compelling performances by Dror Keren and Elena Yaralova, first time director Leonid Prudovsky uses gentle humor to observe the subtleties of human relationships.
Director Leonid Prudovsky
Countries of Production Israel
Year of Presentation 2009
Language(s) Hebrew and Russian with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 87 minutes
Principal Cast Vladimir Friedman, Efim Gelman, Ohad Gil

Winner Best Film at the Haifa Film Festival

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