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Waves of Freedom

Directed by Alan Rosenthal

Israel | 52 minutes | 2008

Through poignant, insightful, colorful and sometimes humorous interviews, interspersed with historic footage, Waves Of Freedom documents the amazing stories of American men, Jewish and not Jewish, who volunteered at their own peril to work on barely sea-worthy vessels to run the British blockade and smuggle survivors of the Holocaust into Israel. Included in this film is footage shot on board their ship, newsreels of the time and remembrances by one couple who met on the ship, married, and are now living in Israel. Additionally, there are interviews with several former members, including a rear admiral of the Palestine Patrol — the Royal Navy unit charged with Britain’s preventing “illegal” immigration into Israel — telling their side of the events. These are true stories upon which the Hollywood blockbuster film Exodus was based.
Director Alan Rosenthal
Countries of Production Israel
Year of Presentation 2008
Premiere Status
Runtime 52 minutes
Principal Cast Murray Greenfield, Harold Katz
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