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Max, Minsky, and Me

Directed by Anna Justice

Germany | 94 minutes | 2007

German with English subtitles

In this comic, heartwarming film geeky 13-year-old Nelly has little or no time for silly girl talk. Since she wants to become an astronomer when she grows up she spends her time studying and dreaming about her heartthrob, Edouard, the 16-year-old Prince of Luxembourg. When the girls’ basketball team is invited to play in Luxembourg, under the patronage of the Prince, she becomes determined to get on the team. However, Nelly is hopeless at sports and has to find a way to excel at basketball as quickly as possible. Max Minsky agrees to a deal: he will teach her basketball if she does his homework for him. But as Nelly practices daily on the court, she is letting her Hebrew studies slip, despite her impending Bat Mitzvah and much to the dismay of her bossy mother. Nelly is forced to decide which is more important — Bat Mitzvah or basketball.
Foreign Title Max Minsky und ich
Director Anna Justice
Countries of Production Germany
Year of Presentation 2007
Language(s) German with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 94 minutes
Principal Cast Zoe Moore, Emil Reinke, Adriana Altaras

Winner of the Special Award at the Munich Film Festival

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