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My Mexican Shivah

Directed by Alejandro Springall

Mexico-USA | 98 minutes | 2007

Hebrew, Spanish, Yiddish with English subtitles

Set in Polanco, a Jewish quarter of Mexico City, and spoken in Spanish, Yiddish, and Hebrew, My Mexican Shivah is a dramatic comedy about how the death of a man results in the celebration of his life. According to Jewish belief, from the moment a Jew is born, he or she is accompanied by two angels: the angel of light and the angel of darkness. With the passing of Moishe, his family and friends gather to sit shivah, the 7-day Jewish mourning ritual. The spirit angels Aleph and Bet, divine accountants, watch over the mourners' actions and what´s been said about the deceased to calculate which angel will accompany Moishe´s soul to the afterlife. Which angel will win the battle for Moishe´s soul? If the shivah reveals anything, it's that Moishe´s family and friends loved him with all his flaws and mystery — and most of all his spirit.
Foreign Title Morirse está en Hebreo
Director Alejandro Springall
Countries of Production Mexico-USA
Year of Presentation 2007
Language(s) Hebrew, Spanish, Yiddish with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 98 minutes
Principal Cast Blanca Guerra, Martha Roth, Sergio Kleiner
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