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Harley, Son of David

Directed by Avner Levona

Canada-USA | 52 minutes | 2006

This poignant documentary centers on a lightening chase of hundreds of Jewish bikers as they embark on an historic 1,200 mile pilgrimage from Canada across north America to Washington DC in May 2005 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust. With mezuzahs on their bikes and the blessings of their rabbis these intrepid bikers never look back. Filmmaker Avner Levona sets out on the open road, following these bikers to the National Holocaust Memorial Museum with his camera focused on Miami’s “King David Bikers,” including Rabbi Zig Zag, and Toronto’s “Yids on Wheels.” Through the highways and back roads of the American heartland the bikers reveal the deep connection they all share as they recount stories of relatives lost in the Holocaust, as well as of those who survived. These freewheeling modern Jews discover what their idea of freedom means to them and in the process they reaffirm that the journey is just as important as the destination.
Director Avner Levona
Countries of Production Canada-USA
Year of Presentation 2006
Premiere Status
Runtime 52 minutes
Principal Cast Avner Levona, Rabbi Zig Zag
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