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Directed by Julia Solomonoff

Argentina-Brazil-Spain | 100 minutes | 2005

Spanish with English subtitles

Natalia and Elena Levin, two sisters forced to separate as teenagers in 1975, right after Natalia's militant boyfriend Martin was disappeared by the military dictatorship, reunite in 1984 in a country foreign to both of them. Natalia, who has been living in exile in Spain, travels to visit Elena, who has just moved to suburban Texas with her husband and son. It's been nine years since they've seen each other, and Natalia arrives eager to rebuild the ties of family love that she has missed so much. When she finds out that Elena has brought along the manuscript of their deceased father's last novel, Natalia reads it with anticipation that soon becomes trepidation — the unpublished novel unveils the story of their family during the dictatorship. Despite her painful memories of Argentina, she starts asking herself and everybody around her more and more questions about the past — and about Martin. Who betrayed him? What really happened to him?
Director Julia Solomonoff
Countries of Production Argentina-Brazil-Spain
Year of Presentation 2005
Language(s) Spanish with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 100 minutes
Principal Cast Valeria Bertuccelli, Ingrid Rubio, Adrián Navarro
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