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Directed by Lisa Azuelos

UK-Luxembourg-France-Belgium | 85 minutes | 2006

French with English subtitles

Four Jewish women juggle love, sex, new relationships, work, and parenthood in this romantic comedy from France. Isa has split with her husband, and is busy looking after their three children while running her business, a beauty salon. While Isa has precious little spare time, she's trying to make room in her life for a British businessman who has struck her fancy. Alice is Isa's sister, and has come to envy her sister's single status after a few years with her husband Gilles, who appears to hate personal grooming as much as he loves golf. Alice's misgivings about her marriage grow stronger when she becomes friends with a handsome and charming divorced dad. Lea has recently parted ways with her husband, and devotes her days to pampering herself when she isn't taking care of her child. And Nina has never been married and is looking for a man to settle down with, but she lacks confidence about her appearance even though she's young and pretty.
Foreign Title Comme t'y es belle!
Director Lisa Azuelos
Countries of Production UK-Luxembourg-France-Belgium
Year of Presentation 2006
Language(s) French with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 85 minutes
Principal Cast
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