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Glow Ropes

Directed by George Valencia & Edwin Figuera

USA | 90 minutes | 2007

A popular but clueless New Jersey bar mitzvah emcee goes from lame to fame in this slightly unorthodox comedy. Taylor James may be a hit on the New Jersey bar mitzvah circuit, but despite his popularity at the events Tim is barely scraping by. A lifelong inhabitant of New Jersey who has never ventured outside of the state lines, Tim has two left feet and zero sense of style. When popular NYC event planet Vanessa Dupree offers to make Taylor the toast of the Big Apple bar mitzvah circuit, the pair enlists the aid of legendary emcee Sebastian and sets about booking some of the biggest bar mitzvahs on the East Coast. Despite a drastic change in outward appearances, however, Taylor is still the bumbling wannabe that he was before Vanessa and Sebastian got their hands on him. Now, amidst a sea of demanding customers and ultra-competitive rivalry, Taylor is about to get a taste of life at the top before plunging back to the bottom harder than he could ever image.
Director George Valencia & Edwin Figuera
Countries of Production USA
Year of Presentation 2007
Premiere Status
Runtime 90 minutes
Principal Cast Judy Reyes, Steven D'Onofrio, Marlene Forte, Victoria Agresti
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