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A Bridge to Peace

Directed by Rob & Paul Simons

Netherlands | 55 minutes | 2005

English, Dutch, Hebrew, Bosnian with English subtitles

In June 2005, a group of musicians tour Poland, including the American Jewish singer Theodore Bikel, Dutch Jewish singer Shura Lipovski, and the Mostar Sinfonietta, a Bosnian orchestra formed by Christian and Muslim musicians whose survival of the war in Bosnia was aided by making music together. The group is conducted by Tamara Brooks. They perform Yiddish, Sephardic, and Bosnian songs called Sevdah's. Music has brought them together and with these concerts they demonstrate that bridges of peace can be built among people of diverse cultures. Against the background of this musical and multicultural tour, the musicians talk about their cultural roots in Europe.
Director Rob & Paul Simons
Countries of Production Netherlands
Year of Presentation 2005
Language(s) English, Dutch, Hebrew, Bosnian with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 55 minutes
Principal Cast Theodore Bikel, Shura Lipovski, Mostar Sinfonietta
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