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Directed by Jan Schütte

Germany-Netherlands | 95 minutes | 2003

English, French, Yiddish, German with English subtitles

Max Breslauer, attractive, vital and in his mid-thirties, is living as a business consultant in Amsterdam. He is the elder of Simon Breslauer's two sons, who as the only one of a family of poor East European Jews survived the war and established a textile empire in the Netherlands. Simon is an experienced businessman, rough, yet clumsy - and full of sentimentality. Strict and loving at the same time, he values traditions such as the obligatory family dinner on Shabbat, which he uses for suffocating his two sons and his wife with his Jewish worldly wisdoms. It is difficult for Max to find his own way in life, always being overshadowed by the figure of his omnipresent father. As future heir of SuperTex, he chooses to ignore all of it, including his family and his entire Jewish background. Frustrated with his father's permanent disregard for his professional qualities, he unexpectedly leaves the family business. Then one morning Max has a serious accident and finds himself forced to question his own identity and his entire outlook on life.
Director Jan Schütte
Countries of Production Germany-Netherlands
Year of Presentation 2003
Language(s) English, French, Yiddish, German with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 95 minutes
Principal Cast Stephen Mangan, Jan Decleir, Maureen Lipman
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