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Rashevski’s Tango

Directed by Sam Garbarski

Belgium-Luxembourg-France | 90 minutes | 2003

English, Hebrew, French with English subtitles

Rashevski's Tango is a portrait of three generations of a Jewish family wrestling with issues of identity, love, interfaith marriage and long-held family secrets. The story starts with the death of Rosa, a Holocaust survivor who avoided religion and rabbis, so much so that after the Holocaust she decided not to circumcise her sons — just in case the Nazis returned. Upon her death, to her family's surprise, she had bought a burial site in a Jewish cemetery. Her death makes her family engage in individual and collective soul searching; their relationships to each other shift in order to fill the empty space left by the formidable Rosa; and they also begin to examine their own bond to Judaism.
Foreign Title Le tango des Rashevski
Director Sam Garbarski
Countries of Production Belgium-Luxembourg-France
Year of Presentation 2003
Language(s) English, Hebrew, French with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 90 minutes
Principal Cast Natan Cogan, Ishai Golan, Mosko Alkalai
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