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Directed by Alberto Negrin

Italy-France-Sweden-Hungary | 197 minutes | 2002

Italian with English subtitles

This incredible historical drama brings to life the true story of Giorgio Perlasca, an Italian who risked his life to save Jews in Second World War Hungary. Though Perlasca was initially a supporter of Italian fascism and fought for Mussolini in East Africa during the Italo-Abyssinian War, he became increasingly disenchanted with the doctrine as it merged with Hitler's anti-Semitic vision. In 1944, while based in Budapest for the purposes of business, Perlasca was confronted directly with the horror of the Holocaust and, unlike so many others, didn't turn a blind eye but did whatever he could to save lives of 5,200 Jews in Budapest during the Nazi occupation.
Director Alberto Negrin
Countries of Production Italy-France-Sweden-Hungary
Year of Presentation 2002
Language(s) Italian with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 197 minutes
Principal Cast Luca Zingaretti, Jérôme Anger, Amanda Sandrelli
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