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Paper Snow

Directed by Lina & Slava Chaplin

Israel | 98 minutes | 2003

Hebrew and Russian with English subtitles

Russian-born actress Hanna Rubina, a founding member of the Jewish theatre Habima that originated in Moscow and ultimately became Israel's national theater company, embarks on a wildly tempestuous affair with Alexander Pen (Tzak Berkman), a young self-destructive poet from Siberia. Behind this affair rests a historical drama that reveals the atmosphere of Tel-Aviv bohemian intellectual life of the 1930s featuring literary giants such as Avraham Shlonsky, Avraham Halfi, and Hayim Nahman Bialik, all hailing from Russia. Paper Snow focuses on the Russian roots of Israeli culture, emphasizing the importance of Russian Jews, past and present, to Israel.
Foreign Title Haya O Lo Haya
Director Lina & Slava Chaplin
Countries of Production Israel
Year of Presentation 2003
Language(s) Hebrew and Russian with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 98 minutes
Principal Cast Evgenia Dodina, Tzak Berkman, Gal Zaid
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